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Natural Paving Products (UK) Ltd

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Contact: Malcolm Gough
Address: Belton Road, Sandtoft, Doncaster, DN8 5SX
Town: Doncaster
County: South Yorkshire
Postcode: DN8 5SX
Phone: 0845 072 1150
Fax: 0845 072 1140
Membership Type: Full
Turnover: £5m > £6.99m
Contract up to:
Workforce: 25
Speciality: 25, 27, 35
Work Regions: A
Stone: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

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Established in 2004, Natural Paving Products (UK) Ltd has soon become the UK’s leading independent supplier of high quality, ethically sourced stone. Over the past nine years we have cultivated a core range of premium, natural stone for commercial and high specification paving. With ownership of global quarries, and three UK based distribution centres we have an unparalleled:

•       Control of the quality and supply chain

•       Bespoke design and specification service

•       Wide choice of colours and textures

Working closely with architects, specifiers, planners, high end luxury house builders, property developers, home owners and landscapers, we support our clients and projects throughout the build process with our expertise and exceptional, wide ranging collection of stones. Our impressive product range is supported by an excellent service, as we have:

•       A dedicated Customer Service Team based at our head office, Doncaster

•       Invested heavily to ensure all of our products are fully CE marked.

•       Full and active memberships within key professional industry bodies, including The Stone Federation, ETI, BALI, Interlay and APL.

•       Been recognised and rewarded by BALI for delivering ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ within the industry

•       The best people and deliver the very best service and advice. 

We care passionately about our people and have invested heavily in the supply chain, to ensure that all our global members of staff enjoy the best possible working and living conditions. Our activity in this area has secured prolonged membership of the Ethical Trading Initiative. We don’t just subscribe to this we make this happen!

Key: Speciality
1 Bathroom 13 Fixings 25 Paving/Setts
2 Carving/Plaques/Statues 14 Flooring 27 Quarry Operator
3 Chemicals 15 Importing 26 Principal Contractor
4 Cladding 16 Interiors 28 Restorations
5 Cleaning/Surface repairs 17 Kitchens/Worktops 29 Roofing
6 Consultant 18 Landscaping 30 Stone Supplier
7 Consultant 19 Lettercutting 31 Stone Works/Masonry
8 Design/Drawing/Surveying 20 Linings 32 Technical Advice
9 Ecclesiastical 21 Machinery 33 Testing Services
10 Expert Witness 22 Memorials 34 Tools
11 Fireplaces 23 New Build 35 Walling
12 Fixing 24 Other
1 All Types 2 Granite 3 Limestone
4 Marble 5 Sandstone 6 Slate
7 Other Stone
Work regions
A All UK I Europe - EU
B North England J Europe - Non EU
C Midlands K North America
D South England L South America
E Wales M Australia/NZ
F Scotand N Far East
G North Ireland O Middle East
H Eire P Africa