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Contact: Andrius Milutis
Address: Unit 11, Bromley Hall, 43 Gillender Street
Town: London
Postcode: E14 6RN
Phone: 0203 6969 383
Membership Type: Full
Turnover: £500k > £999k
Contract up to:
Workforce: 20
Speciality: 1, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 28, 30, 31, 32
Work Regions: A
Stone: 1, 2, 3, 4

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MCC was created to meet the needs of the increasing small and medium projects on the stone and ceramic tiles installation, restoration and maintenance market. 

Stone - material with an ancestral tradition, synonym of permanence and timeless refinement, offers a limitless range of applications. Our team of experienced craftsmen - highly skilled stone masons and fitters - can help transpose your vision into practice. No slab of stone resembles another and each type of stone has its own characteristics. Our stone suppliers offer a wide range of marble and granite stone, thus making your project a truly unique work of art. For your existing stone applications, our team can help erase the traces of time and restore, enhance and maintain the original beauty of your stone. 

Feel free to contact us, we will find a solution for you, no matter the size or difficulty of your project.

Key: Speciality
  1 Bathroom 13 Fixings 25 Paving/Setts
  2 Carving/Plaques/Statues 14 Flooring 27 Quarry Operator
  3 Chemicals 15 Importing 26 Principal Contractor
  4 Cladding 16 Interiors 28 Restorations
  5 Cleaning/Surface repairs 17 Kitchens/Worktops 29 Roofing
  6 Consultant 18 Landscaping 30 Stone Supplier
  7 Consultant 19 Lettercutting 31 Stone Works/Masonry
  8 Design/Drawing/Surveying 20 Linings 32 Technical Advice
  9 Ecclesiastical 21 Machinery 33 Testing Services
  10 Expert Witness 22 Memorials 34 Tools
  11 Fireplaces 23 New Build 35 Walling
  12 Fixing 24 Other    
  1 All Types 2 Granite 3 Limestone
  4 Marble 5 Sandstone 6 Slate
  7 Other Stone        
  Work regions
  A All UK I Europe - EU
  B North England J Europe - Non EU
  C Midlands K North America
  D South England L South America
  E Wales M Australia/NZ
  F Scotand N Far East
  G North Ireland O Middle East
  H Eire P Africa