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Lithofin - the original high quality performance products for cleaning, sealing and maintaining natural and artificial stone, quarry and quartz composite, ceramics and porcelain.

Offering a professional solution for tile and stone care, these specialist products are produced in Germany by Lithofin AG, an internationally recognised authority with unrivalled knowledge and experience in its field.  The comprehensive product range has developed over the last 50 years, ensuring that Lithofin remains a true innovator in the market.  Relied on by reputation, Lithofin is trusted by professionals and domestic customers looking for supremely effective high performance products.

Casdron Enterprises Ltd was established in 1988 and is the sole agent for Lithofin in the UK and Ireland. Lithofin is sold through a wide national network of stockists.

A dedicated Technical Helpline on 01962 732126 is available every weekday, providing advice to professional users, stockists and domestic users.

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Images of our work

TitleStone TypeDescriptionImage
Pedestal half cleaned with Lithofin MN Outdoor CleanerLimestoneLimestone pedestal showing the effectiveness of Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner.
Limestone floor half cleaned using Lithofin MN Power-CleanLimestoneStubborn surface dirt and care product residues are easily removed with Lithofin MN Power-Clean.
Lithofin productsAnyThe Lithofin range of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles, natural and artificial stone.
Victorian tiles before restoration CeramicCeramic tiles before restoration
Victorian tiles after restorationCeramicCeramic Victorian tiles after cleaning with Lithofin WEXA, and protected with Lithofin KF Stain-Stop. Finished with Lithofin KF Tile Polish.
Reactivation test on exterior stone with Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier.Black limestone1. Test first on one tile. Generously apply MN Colour Intensifier for 6 -7 minutes. 2. Agitate every 1-2 minutes with a white emulsifying pad. 3. Buff fully dry with a white towel to remove the excess. 4. When happy with tile test, working in small sections ( 2-3 sq metres ) at a time repeat the above process.
Black limestone AFTER reactivation with Lithofin MN Colour IntensifierBlack limestoneResult after reactivating with Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier.