What does the job involve?

Carefully extracting blocks of dimensional stone from the ground using specialist equipment.

What kind of person would it suit?

Someone with practical skills, an interest in the area of work and who might enjoy working out of doors.

What are good subjects to do at school?

A good basic education. Geography and geology could also be helpful.

What training will I need?

Training is usually on-the-job because every quarry is different. There are different working methods used at each.

How much outdoor work is there?

The majority of work is outdoors.

How much computer work is there?

Very little.

What's the money like?

As a guide, average earnings are £20,000 p.a. when fully trained.

What could it lead?

The Institute of Quarrying run a three year foundation degree course which is the normal route into management. Study is part time.

Could you get work abroad?

Once qualified, there are many opportunities for employment both inside and outside the UK.

Where to find out more?

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