Stone Mason

 Stone Mason

What does the job involve?

The shaping of stone using hand or mechanicaltools for building into new or old buildings. Working on site to fit the stone into the building.

What kind of person would it suit? 

Someone who likes working with their hands and acquiring a skill, who enjoys working on their own or as part of a team. Someone who enjoys working outside.

What are good subjects to do at school? 

A good basic education and crafts such as woodwork and technical drawing would be helpful.

What training will I need? 

NVQ levels levels I and II and possible level III in Stonemasonry.

How much outdoor work is there?

Once qualified, you will work outside on buildings which will mean working on scaffolding. Away from home working will also be necessary.

How much computer work is there?

None, unless you progress to the drawing office and/or management.

What's the money like?

As a guide, a starting salary ranges between £13 - £18,000 p.a. rising to ranges of between £23 - £30,000. Rates vary depending on geographic area worked and the nature of the job.

What could it lead? 

Site foreman in charge of a larger project or project manager responsible for a number of projects or other areas of management,

Could you get work abroad?


 Where to find out more?

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