Wednesday 19 September 2012 09:00 to Saturday 25 May 2024 18:00

Fee:           £190.00 + VAT

This popular course gives an overview and general knowledge of the design and use of natural stone and takes account of the current needs of those involved or specifying stone.  The course gives delegates assistance in selecting and using natural stone in many different uses.
The course is suitable for qualified and trainee architects, designers, specifiers, surveyors, planners, those who have recently entered the stone industry trade and others who wish to achieve a better understanding of natural stone and its use.

Areas covered:

  Geology of stone, including types, sources quarrying and use of stone
  Practical identification of rocks
  Stone testing and European codes
  The use of stone from the practitioners point of view, covering masonry drawings stonemasonry production and process; the way stones are put together; detailing and stonemasonry solutions
  The design of fixings and fixing systems
  The design of the structure and its influence on stone cladding – examples of failures – causes and cures
  The design of water management , cavity trays; movement joints; the choice and
installation of sealants
  The design of natural stone cladding and fixings
  The design of natural stone flooring
  Use of stone as rainscreen cladding, curtain walling and stone faced precast concrete
  Durability of stone for rainscreen cladding and curtain walling
  Repair, restoration and conservation, including the weathering and decay of stone
  Repair options; stone replacement; stone repair, mortar repair, structural interventions including grouting
  Mortar specification for masonry
  Cleaning of masonry – method of selection
  Cleaning and surface treatments