Carving/Letter cutting

 Carving Letter Cutting

What does the job involve?

Usually hand carving/cutting. Working stone, whether large or small,into intricate shapes.

What kind of person would it suit?

An artistic talent, yet with a practical mind. Someone with an eye for detail.

What are good subjects to do at school?

A good basic education. Mathematics, English, design and technology, art and design.

What training will I need?

Ideally Stone Masons apprenticeship followed by carving/design.

How much outdoor work is there?

Majority of work is outdoors.

How much computer work is there?

Potential for some, especially design work.

What's the money like?

As a guide, average earnings are in the region of £25,000 p.a.

What could it lead?

Potential for management within the industry or self employment as a specialist.

Could you get work abroad?

Possibly, dependant upon the individual.

Where to find out more?

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