Cleaning/surface repair/maintenance

 Cleaning/ surface repair/ maintenance

What does the job involve?

Masonry cleaning: using various techniques and systems to clean all types of masonry - no two jobs are the same. Surface repair: using various techniques to repair and restore all types of masonry. This takes a measure of imagination and artistic flair.

What kind of person would it suit?

One who likes the idea of transforming a neglected building to its former glory. One who sees working in the outdoors would be much better than being in a closed office.

What are good subjects to do at school?

Good basic education, Mathematics, science, English and geology.

What training will I need?

Currently there is a two year apprenticeship in both cleaning and surface repair.

How much outdoor work is there?


How much computer work is there?

Very little at first, but as one progresses into supervisory or management, then computers would become part of the activity.

What's the money like?

As a guide, a starting salary ranges between £13 - £18,000 p.a. rising to ranges of between £23 - £30,000. Rates vary depending on geographic area worked and the nature of the job.

What could it lead?

Many in these trades have become managers and owners of businesses.

Could you get work abroad?

Yes. Cleaning and restoration is an international career.

Where to find out more?

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