What does the job involve?

The geological assessment and appraisal of materials for use in projects. Typically can include assessment of source materials (in the quarry) to materials used as products (e.g. flooring).

What kind of person would it suit?

An enthusiastic person with the desire to travel and the ability to work as part of a team.

What are good subjects to do at school?

A good basic education concentrating more on the sciences but typically including geology, chemistry, mathematics and English.

What training will I need?

Further education typically to a minimum of degree level (e.g. BSc Hons.). Affiliation to the Geological Society is helpful.

How much outdoor work is there?

There is typically a good balance between work outdoors on site, in the laboratory and in the office.

How much computer work is there?

All laboratory, site and consulting work must be reported.

What's the money like?

As a guide depending on age, qualifications and experience, salaries can vary between £20 - £80,000 p.a.

What could it lead?

Opportunities exist with engineering consultancies e.g. Arups, Atkins; research based consultancies e.g. BRE and BGS and test houses e.g. Sandbergs and STATS.

Could you get work abroad?

Work abroad is highly likely.

Where to find out more?

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