Membership Criteria


In order to become a member of Stone Federation Great Britain you have to meet all the following criteria and be prepared to abide by the Code of Conduct and Constitution and Rules.

The company has to have been trading for two years and be able to produce evidence of trading accounts for this period. (Probationary membership is granted to those companies who do not meet this criteria).

The company must have adequate insurance levels as recommended by the SFGB Executive. The company must hold and maintain adequate Employer's and Public Liability insurance, plus Professional Indemnity (where applicable) to levels recommended by the British Insurance Association, together with any other insurances such as are deemed necessary for the execution of the business.

The company will have a suitable training policy document together with a continuous training plan which is appropriate for the areas of work and is required to produce records for the previous two years. The company's employees should hold the relevant qualifications for their positions and be registered under CSCS where applicable.

The company has to be VAT registered (if applicable) or (if the applicant is incorporated, registered or organised in a jurisdiction other than the United Kingdom) must be registered under that jurisdiction's equivalent.

The applicant, where applicable, must be registered (a) with the CITB, or (b) (if the applicant is incorporated, registered or organised in a jurisdiction other than the United Kingdom) with the body in that jurisdiction which is equivalent to the CITB.

The company must be able to show that all management and supervision are directly employed, and this should apply to the majority of all other employees.

Health and Safety
The company must:‐
Provide a satisfactory Health and Safety policy
Show evidence that it meets all current health and safety legislation

Meeting Attendance
The company will be encouraged to send a representative to attend at least one SFGB regional meeting per year, preferably more. In the case of overseas companies a UK representative can attend.
A company will be encouraged to nominate a representative to participate in SFGB standing committees i.e. technical, training, cleaning and surface repair, etc, if appropriate.