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Technical Q&A


Stone Federation provides technical advice via email only


Before you email your query, please refer to the FAQ’s below, as you may well find the answer you seek there.  If you have a question which is not covered in our FAQ’s, simply email your query to and our technical team will do their best to provide you with an answer within 3 working days.


This service is available to Stone Federation members, architects, specifiers, commercial and domestic clients, designers, engineers and other professionals.  The service is not available to companies that could be Stone Federation members but are not.


As this is free service, there is a limit to the type of query we can answer.  If the query requires advice that goes beyond the service’s remit, we will provide you with a list of member firms who will be able to provide the advice or guidance you are looking for.


If you require an independent expert witness to inspect a project, please click here to obtain a list, with their profiles in order to aid your selection.


Q.   My floor has cracked what can I do?  ▼

Invariably the material is not wrong, but it is the underlying structure that the stone has been laid on.  Refer to the Stone Federation flooring code.

Q.   The stone I have now got does not match the sample I saw   ▼
You must ensure you see enough samples of sufficient size to cover all variations, as it has to be remembered that stone is natural material.

Q.   Where can I find assistance in locating a suitable stone? ▼
Use the search facility or contact Stone Federation for details of members in your area who should be able to assist.

Q.   I am unhappy with the finish on my granite worktop  ▼

It must be remembered that granite is a natural material and each type has its own characteristics and  variations and must be realised and discussed with the stone supplier.

Q.   I am unhappy with the standard of workmanship carried out on my natural stone project.   ▼
You may wish to obtain an independent report from an Expert Witness who will either confirm or refute the poor workmanship and explain the reasons for this in writing.  Please contact Stone Federation for a list of Expert Witnesses in your area.

Q.   I have an issue with a Stone Federation member.   ▼
Please contact Stone Federation in writing or by email with full details.