Stone Federation GB is the national trade association for the natural stone industry. It is an unincorporated association set up to represent its members and to set high standards and promote best practice and professionalism in the natural stone industry.


Stone Federation has an Executive which formulates the strategy for the Federation and meets three times per year. It is made up of the Officers and the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of each region and group/committee thus ensuring it covers all the regions and specialisms within the natural stone industry. The officers are elected (on a 2 year cycle) and form part of the Executive. All the representatives are elected at the AGM to ensure that the membership is able to reaffirm their appointments on a regular basis and that anyone wishing to put themselves forward for election has ample opportunity to do so.


Marcus Paine
Hutton Stone Co.

Immediate Past President
Dr Tim Yates

Honorary Treasurer
David Richardson

Group/Forum/Committee Representatives and Co-ordinators

Quarry Forum ChairmanMarcus Paine – Hutton Stone Co
Quarry Forum Vice ChairmanMichael Poutlney – Albion Stone PLC
Interiors and Surface Materials Focus Group ChairmanChris Kelsey – The Marble & Granite Centre
Interiors and Surface Materials Focus Group Vice ChairmanSteve Turner – Amarestone
Stone Heritage ChairmanBernard Burns – Szerelmey
Landscape Forum ChairmanGordon Hines – Marshalls PLC
Scotland Deputy ChairmanMarcus Paine – Hutton Stone Co
Sustainability / Ethical Sourcing Forum ChairmanDavid Richardson – FMDC
StoneTrain ManagerClaire Wallbridge
Technical Committee ChairmanDavid Richardson – FMDC
Technical Committee Deputy ChairmanPeter Harrison – Harrison Goldman Design Consultants
Scotland ChairmanGraeme Frame – CBC Stone
London & Southern Region ChaimanDavid Ellis – Sandberg LLP
Midlands & Northern Region Co-OrdinatorNigel Stubbings – Co-opted


The day to day running and management of the organisation is carried out by the staff:

Jane Buxey
Chief Executive

Matt Robb
Digital Media Executive

Sara Atkinson
Membership Administrator

Linda Town
Accounts Administrator

Federation of Stone Industries

1973-74 GN Wilson
1974-76 TA Germain
1976-78 J Bysouth

Association of Natural Stone Industries

1974-75 J Bysouth
1976-77 ER Edwards JP
1977-78 J Hopkins
1978-79 ER Brookes MBE

In 1980 the two societies merged to form Stone Federation GB

1979-80 ER Brookes MBE
1980-81 DC Wallace
1981-82 HH Brooke
1982-83 GEC Gilbert
1983-84 WE Lowry
1984-85 JG Morgan-Jones
1985-86 DA Gregory
1986-87 RM Ogston
1987-88 DGS Jesper
1988-89 A Gasgoigne
1989-90 M Myles
1990-91 GEC Gilber t
1991-92 CJ Davidson
1992-93 AL Johnson
1993-95 CC Liddle
1995-96 CJ Tottle
1996-99 B Cobett
1999-2000 J Bysouth
2000-2002 P Harrison
2002-2004 M Moody
2004-2006 Colin Goble
2006-2008 David Richardson
2008-2010 Alex Stables
2010-2012 David Ellis 2012-2014 Iain Kennedy 2014-2016 Graeme Hadden

Honorary Members

ER Brookes MBE
J Bysouth
D Jesper
B Cobbett
W Lowry J Western