Surface Design Show 2024 - A Resounding Success

This week natural stone has been in the spotlight at London’s Surface Design Show.

Located close to London’s Design District of Clerkenwell, the show attracted 1000s of interior designers and architects. It provided an ideal opportunity to showcase the beauty, versatility, and sustainability of natural stone.

We were hosting the Stone Gallery, located right at the heart of the show. The Stone Gallery contained two exciting initiatives:

Stone Tapestry: Beyond the Surface 

For the fourth year running, Stone Federation, as curators of the Stone Tapestry feature, worked with leading architects, Squire and Partners to design an explorative natural stone showcase at the centre of the show.

This exciting new take on the feature installation was realised by the team at The Stonemasonry Company Limited, in collaboration with Webb Yates Engineers and created using stones expertly quarried and cut by stone suppliers Albion Stone plc, Britannicus Stone, Dunhouse Quarry Ltd, Hutton Stone Co Ltd and Tradstocks – Scottish Stone.

The response to the piece was incredible and it was so encouraging to see how inspired and enthused the show visitors were to see UK stones, structural stones, and a full range of material geology. 

Stone Knowledge Hub

This member-exclusive exhibiting area of The Stone Gallery hosted seven Stone Federation members and provided architects and interior designers with the chance to connect with British and international stone suppliers, cladding system specialists, and surface care product providers: Albion Stone, Arcturus Stones, Burlington Stone, Fila Surface Care Solutions, In Opera Group, Stone Cladding Systems, Welsh Slate.

Finally, we also had the opportunity to host a seminar as part of the show’s opening night programme, ‘Stone and Beyond’ which explored the past, present and future of using natural stone in architecture and design.

It was great to see so many of you at the show, and if you would be interested in being a part of The Stone Knowledge Hub for the 2025 Surface Design Show, please email