Awards and Competitions

The Duke of Gloucester Gold Medal for Oustanding Achievement in Stonemasonry

This Award, which will be made every three years, is to honour those in the natural stone industry or the craft of stonemasonry, who have accomplished outstanding achievement during their lifetime and whose work is of considerable merit.

The idea for some recognition for those in stonemasonry was originally mooted in the 1980's when it was noted that this was the one craft which did not have any kind of recognition or a supreme accolade. Other organisations have their Oscars and Grammies, their Pulitzers and their Turners so it was long overdue that our industry had some way of recognising the person who had reached the pinnacle of achievement in the natural stone industry, especially in stonemasonry. His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester, who has an affinity for stonemasonry, also felt that some form of recognition should be put forward and was instrumental in developing the concept of a recognition fitting for stonemasonry, befitting the centuries old craft. And so in 2010, the Duke of Gloucester Gold Medal was born and the criterion was carefully considered. This Award is to be given in honour and recognition of those who have accomplished an outstanding lifetime achievement in the natural stone industry or the craft of stone masonry.