7 Dec 2016

2016 Natural Stone Awards - Results

New Build Modern Style Stone Cladding-



The Flint House

Client-Waddesdon Estate

Architect-Skene Catling de la Peña

Main Contractor-Kingerlee

Principal Stone Contractor-The Flintman Company Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-Caistor St. Edmund Quarry

Stone Supplier (2)-Duncton Quarry

Stone Supplier (3)-Ingham Quarry



131 Sloane Street  - New retail and office development

Client-Cadogan Estate

Architect-Stiff + Trevillion

Main Contractor-Mace Group

Principal Stone Contractor-Putney & Wood Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-Marshalls Stancliffe Stones

Stone Supplier (2)-Granite Granite

Stone Supplier (3)-The Ashfield Group

Other Companies Involved-Arup Façade Engineering

-Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd



Silberrad Student Centre

Client-University of Essex

Architect-Patel Taylor

Main Contractor-Kier Eastern

Principal Stone Contractor-PMJ Masonry Ltd

Stone Supplier-RGB Ltd



Nutley Terrace


Architect-Belsize Architects

Main Contractor-B&G Construction

Principal Stone Contractor-Domus Facades Ltd

Stone Supplier-Domus Facades Ltd



The American School in London

Client-The American School

Architect-Walters & Cohen Architects

Main Contractor-ISG

Principal Stone Contractor-S McConnell & Sons Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-Magratex

Stone Supplier (2)-Pomery Natural Stone

Other Company Involved-Stone Cladding International Limited



Darley Dale Specialist Care Centre

Client-Derbyshire County Council

Architect-Glancy Nicholls Architects 

Main Contractor-Balfour Beatty East

Principal Stone Contractor-Phoenix Brickwork Ltd

Stone Supplier -Marshalls Stancliffe Stones

Other Company Involved-PMJ Masonry Ltd



Dock Street, London

Client-Wombats London Ltd

Architect-Mulroy Architects

Main Contractor-Eastern Corporation

Principal Stone Contractor-PTCM

Stone Supplier-Putney & Wood Ltd


New Build Traditional Style Stone Masonry



7-8 St James's Square, London

Client-Green Property

Architect-Eric Parry Architects

Main Contractor-Galliford Try

Principal Stone Contractor-Szerelmey Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-Grupimar

Stone Supplier (2)-LSI Stone

Stone Supplier (3)-Labrador International



The Chicken House, Gloucestershire

Client-Mr & Mrs C Odey

Architect-Smallwood Architects

Main Contractor-Treasure & Son Ltd

Principal Stone Contractor-Treasure & Son Ltd

Stone Supplier-Forest of Dean Stone Firms Ltd

Other Companies Involved-Sinclair Johnston & Partners Ltd

-Charles Gurrey - Carver & Sculptor



Donegal Town Credit Union

Client-Donegal Town Credit Union

Architect-McCabe Architects

Main Contractor-Glebe Builders 

Principal Stone Contractor-McMonagle Stone

Stone Supplier -McMonagle Stone


Repair & Restoration



Wimpole Gothic Tower, Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire

Client-The National Trust

Architect-Donald Insall Associates

Main Contractor-Cliveden Conservation Workshop Ltd

Principal Stone Contractor-Cliveden Conservation Workshop Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-Lovell Stone Group Ltd

Stone Supplier (2)-Hibbit & Sons (Masonry) Ltd



Knole House, Sevenoaks

Client-The National Trust

Architect-Rodney Melville & Partners

Main Contractor-Heritage Building & Conservation 

Principal Stone Contractor-Gallagher Aggregates Ltd

Stone Supplier-Gallagher Aggregates Ltd



McEwan Hall Stonework & External Fabric Repairs, Phases 1 - 3

Client-University of Edinburgh

Architect-LDN Architects

Main Contractor-Land Engineering (Scotland) Ltd

Principal Stone Contractor-Land Engineering (Scotland) Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-Hutton Stone Co Ltd

Stone Supplier (2)-Dunhouse Quarry Ltd

Stone Supplier (3)-Tradstocks Ltd

Other Companies Involved-D Blake & Co Ltd

-Rainbow Glass Studio



Lynn Building, Queens University, Belfast

Client-Queens University

Architect-Consarc Design Group

Main Contractor-Woodvale Construction

Principal Stone Contractor-S McConnell & Sons Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-A D Calvert Architectural Stone Supplies Ltd

Stone Supplier (2)-Block Stone Ltd

Stone Supplier (3)-S McConnell & Sons Ltd

Stone Supplier (4)-Doulting Stone Quarry

Stone Supplier (5)-McKeon Stone

Stone Supplier (6)-Hutton Stone Co Ltd



St Mary's Church, Freeby

Client-The Churches Conservation Trust

Consulting Engineer-Capstone Consulting Engineers Ltd

Main Contractor-Stone Edge Ltd

Principal Stone Contractor-Stone Edge Ltd

Stone Supplier-Marshalls Stancliffe Stones






Client-Mr Anthony Todd

Architect-Charlton Brown Architects

Main Contractor-Suresh Rabadiya

Principal Stone Contractor-Cathedral Works Organisation (Chichester) Ltd (ceased trading)

Stone Supplier-ROCAMAT Pierre Naturelle

Other Company Involved-Price & Myers



Statuario Book-Matched Bathroom

Client-Verde Construction Limited

Architect-Lewandowski Architects

Main Contractor-Verde Construction Limited

Principal Stone Contractor-Granite Marble and Limestone Ltd

Stone Supplier-Labrador International





Conway Square, Newtonards

Client-Ards & North Down Borough Council

Landscape Architect-AECOM

Main Contractor-F P McCann

Principal Stone Contractor-Caithness Flagstone Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-Caithness Flagstone Ltd

Stone Supplier (2)-CED Ltd



Deansgate Metro Station, Castlefield

Client-Transport for Greater Manchester

Architect -SimpsonHaugh & Partners

Landscape Architect -Landscape Projects

Main Contractor-Laing O'Rourke

Principal Stone Contractor-Laing O'Rourke

Stone Supplier-Burlington Stone

Other Company Involved-Hardscape Products Ltd



Adam's Place, Canary Wharf

Client-Canary Wharf Group

Architect -Adamson Associates Architects

Landscape Architect-Gillespies

Main Contractor-Canary Wharf Contractors

Principal Stone Contractor-Szerelmey Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-BBS Natural Stone Ltd

Stone Supplier (2)-Grupimar



Sadler's Yard, NOMA Manchester

Client-The Co-operative Group

Architect-Planit IE LLP

Main Contractor-P Casey Group

Principal Stone Contractor-P Casey Group

Stone Supplier-Hardscape Products Ltd


Carving, Lettering & Sculpture



8 St James's Square, London

Client-Green Property

Architect-Eric Parry Architects

Main Contractor-Galliford Try

Principal Stone Contractor-Szerelmey Ltd

Stone Supplier-Arun Sculptors & Architects

Other Specialists Involved-Stephen Cox

-Gary Newton



Pillars Past Sculpture Representing the History of Nidderdale

Client-Harrogate Borough Council

Sculptor, Main Contractor, Principal Stone Contractor-Joseph Hayton

Stone Supplier (1)-Johnsons Wellfield Ltd

Stone Supplier (2)-Hanson Aggregates

Other Organisation Involved-Nidderdale Visual Arts



Knebworth House, Hertfordshire - Phase 6 of the Restoration

Client-Knebworth House Education & Preservation Trust 

Architect-Donald Insall Associates

Main Contractor-Brown & Ralph Limited

Principal Stone Contractor-Brown & Ralph Limited

Stone Supplier-Cumbrian Stone Ltd

Other Company Involved-Spectrum Stone Ltd



Korean War Memorial, London

Client-Westminster City Council

Architect-Donald Insall Associates

Main Contractor-F M Conway

Principal Stone Contractor-Fairhaven Stone Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-Albion Stone PLC

Stone Supplier (2)-Cerrig Granite & Slate Ltd

Stone Supplier (3)-Zungkn Kim

Other Specialists Involved-Harry Gray

-Philip Jackson





Mingary Castle Restoration

Client-Donald Houston

Architect-Shaw & Jagger Architects 

Main Contractor-Ashley Thompson Ltd

Principal Stone Contractor-Caithness Flagstone Ltd

Stone Supplier-Caithness Flagstone Ltd



The Quirang Sanctuary

Client-Stuart Mitchell

Architect-Lorn McNeal Architects

Main Contractor-Andrew Loudon

Principal Stone Contractor-Andrew Loudon

Stone Supplier-A & D Sutherland Ltd 

Other Specialist Involved -Chris Brammall


Technology Innovation



Lions at Base of Obelisk - Private Estate, Oxfordshire

Architect-Whitfield Lockwood Associates

Main Contractor-Chichester Stoneworks Ltd

Principal Stone Contractor-Chichester Stoneworks Ltd

Stone Supplier (1)-ROCAMAT Pierre Naturelle

Stone Supplier (2)-Syreford Quarries & Masonry Ltd

Stone Supplier (3)-Realstone Ltd (ceased trading)

Other Companies Involved-Surf Dev Ltd

-Stoneworld (Oxfordshire) Ltd



Standing Stone Monoliths - Inverness Campus HIE

Client-Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Design Consultant-Tristram Woolston

Main Contractor-J W Sutherland

Principal Stone Contractor-Caithness Flagstone Ltd

Stone Supplier-Caithness Flagstone Ltd



Granary Square Benches, King's Cross, London

Client-Argent (Property Development) Services LLP

Architect-McChesney Architects

Main Contractor-Argent (Property Development) Services LLP

Principal Stone Contractor-S McConnell & Sons Ltd

Stone Supplier-De Lank Quarry Ltd





Carlisle Cathedral - Renewal of South Port Entrance

Client-The Dean & Chapter of Carlisle

Architect-Buttress Architects

Main Contractor-Lambert Walker Limited

Principal Stone Contractor-Lambert Walker Limited

Stone Supplier-Cumbrian Stone Ltd



Three New Gargoyles for Ripon Cathedral

Client-Ripon Cathedral

Architect-Caroe Architecture 

Main Contractor-Ripon Cathedral Masons

Principal Stone Contractor-Ripon Cathedral Masons

Stone Supplier-Highmoor Quarry

Other Specialists Involved-Alan Micklethwaite

-Tom Nicholls

-Martin Coward



Imaginative Sculpture, St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Client-College of St. George

Architect-Martin Ashley Architects

Main Contractor-Szerelmey Conservation

Principal Stone Contractor-City & Guilds of London Art School

Stone Supplier-Syreford Quarries & Masonry Ltd



The Chicken House, Gloucestershire

Client-Mr & Mrs C Odey

Architect-Smallwood Architects

Main Contractor-Treasure & Son Ltd

Principal Stone Contractor-Treasure & Son Ltd

Stone Supplier-Forest of Dean Stone Firms Ltd

Other Companies Involved-Sinclair Johnston & Partners Ltd

-Charles Gurrey - Carver & Sculptor


Special Award


A New Oratory in the South of England

Client-A Charitable Trust 

Architect-Craig Hamilton Architects

Main Contractor-Symm

Principal Stone Contractor-Ketton Stone Masonry & Fixings Ltd

Stone Supplier (1 & 2)-Albion Stone PLC

Stone Supplier (3)-Portland Stone Firms Ltd

Stone Supplier (4)-McKeon Stone

Stone Supplier (5)-Top Grange Quarry

Stone Supplier (6)-Fontanili

Stone Supplier (7)-Naturstens


Members' News

Stone Federation would like to congratulate former Stone Federation President, Peter Harrison for being the recipient of the stone industry's highest award, the Duke of Gloucester Gold Medal.

Peter was presented with his medal by the Duke of Gloucester himself at Worshipful Company of Masons' Master's Banquet in London's Mansion House.

The Medal, which was introduced in 2010, is awarded every two years, to honour an individual in the craft of stonemasonry or the natural stone industry whose work is of considerable merit and who is acknowledged by his or her peers for the excellence of their contribution.

The idea for recognition for those in stonemasonry was originally mooted in the 1980s when it was noted that stonemasonry did not have any kind of recognition or a supreme accolade.


His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester, who trained as an architect and has an affinity for stonemasonry, also felt that some form of recognition should be created and was instrumental in developing the concept of a recognition for stonemasonry befitting the millennia-old craft.

Stone Federation are a member of EuroRoc, an organisation made up of the various European Federations for the dimensional stone industry.  The aim of the group is to coordinate questions of common interest and find solutions while promoting the use of dimensional natural stone.


The Federation's EuroRoc representative, Michael Poultney of Albion Stone along with Peter Harrison of Harrison Goldman, attended the latest meeting held at the Verona Stone Show in October.


There were a range of topics discussed, but shown are four discussions points that will be of particular interest to members.


1. Ethical Sourcing - There are various different degrees of controls of ethical sourcing across Europe and some is at a very local level.  It was accepted that the EU should be encouraging stones from ethical sources but there was some scepticism that a system with a high degree of certainty could be found in the short term.  It was agreed that the starting point should be to pool all the experiences from the differing methods currently being used by different, Countries, companies and organisations.

2. Geographical Protection - There was considerable support from across the EU and the robust comments from the UK were considered positive.  It is back with the European Parliament on what could be a long journey to possible implementation.  

3. Reporting Figures - There was concerns that the code numbers used for reporting production, imports and exports are not recording the dimensional stone figure accurately.  It was suggested that these should be related to the harmonised Product Standards (BS EN). Michael Poultney has been in dialogue with BGS and Eric Bignell at the Natural Stone Specialist magazine about the topic earlier in the month. Euroroc will progress the matter with the relevant authorities.

4. Silica Dust - There was a mixed response about the danger of the implementation of the dust regulations and the prospects of reducing the code.  It was agreed that the experiences from the implementation from national authorities will be requested.


With the island of Portland, from which the famous Portland limestone comes, being just off the Dorset coast from Weymouth, there could not have been a more appropriate material to use for a sculpture of the Olympic rings that has now been installed in the town that is hosting the Olympic sailing events. 

Burlington Stone has acquired the rights to quarry at Petts Quarry on Kirkstone Pass and Brathay Quarry near Ambleside following the regrettable demise of Kirkstone Quarries Ltd.

This new monument, costing £5 million, will commemorate the 55, 573 crew members of the RAF's Bobmer Command who were killed between 1939 and 1945.  The average age of those who lost their lives was just 22.

Albion Stone has recently purchased a new ‘JCB Fantini’, tractor mounted stone saw which will be used to increase efficiency in the Quarry & Mine.  This is the first machine of its type to be imported into any UK stone extraction operation. 


TV presenter, journalist and former conservative politician and Cabinet Minister, Michael Portillo made a fascinating tour of local natural stone producer, Burlington Stone of Kirkby-in-Furness, shown on 26th January on BBC2 at 6.30pm, as part of series three of the BBC’s popular travel documentary, Great British Railway Journeys.


A £500,000 investment into an innovative new roof for Albion Stone’s Factory is set to save thousands of pounds a year on their electricity bills.

Albion Stone supplied over 3m³ of Jordans Basebed and Jordans Whitbed in the form of treads risers, paving and memorial stones.

Taking centre stage on The Marshalls Garden That Kids Really Want! at the 2008 RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May the company utilised its own indigenous natural Yorkstone block to create two striking central features in this amazing organic playground.